wildcat village

Inner Circle for Arizona Men's Basketball Fans

Looking for premium sports experiences for the whole family? Wildcat Village offers an exclusive invitation to the inner circle of Arizona Men's Basketball, allowing you and your loved ones to become part of the fabric of the best program in America. Create unforgettable memories with unique and exclusive access, ensuring stories that will be passed down through generations, all centered around our shared passion for Arizona Men's Basketball.

what is wildcat village about...

Access to Fans

Arizona Basketball Fans stand as the true heroes of the Village, a community founded on the principles of unity and exclusive access. Our mission is to bring fans closer than ever to the beloved program they passionately support. This is where unparalleled access meets the heart of fandom.

Value to Players

In the evolving landscape of college athletics, leveraging players' Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) is crucial. At Arizona Assist, Arizona men's basketball players are central to our marketing efforts, allowing them to receive compensation for their integral role in supporting the growth of the Village community.

Fun. Friends. Family.

Membership in the Village extends beyond the individual; it embraces your entire family, fostering connections and creating lasting memories together under the banner of Arizona Men's Basketball. It's a unifying force for making friends, having fun, and building a community centered around our shared passion.

benefits for families
make memories with your kids
  • Message from a member of the Men's Basketball program welcoming your family.
  • Premium Red Welcome box with two ultra soft premium shirts and other Wildcat Goodies.
  • Wildcat Village Day for you and your family (Nothing public but something fun from the program appreciating you as the MVP of the program for the day)
  • Exclusive UofA gear that is only available to Wildcat Village Members.
  • 2 Registrations for Wildcat Village Family Camp included in membership

How The Village works...

Step One: Get Invited

Becoming a part of Wildcat Village is an exclusive journey that starts with an invitation. Membership is tightly controlled and can only be extended by current members of the Village, provided there's room to welcome new faces.

Step Two: Pick a Team

Once your family becomes part of our community, you'll be assigned to a team led by one of our current players. Expect a warm welcome video for your kids, expressing our excitement to have your family join the Village.

Become A Member
Step Three: Enjoy!

With your welcome gift box in hand, dive into premium events, exclusive insider content, direct interactions with players, and family camps. The Village offers a range of activities designed to delight every member of your family.

benefits for adults
enjoy premium and exclusive events
  • 2 Premium Tickets to Red Blue Showcase included in membership
  • 2 Lower Bowl Tickets to Neutral Site game with hospitality included
  • 75% off 4 Premium Events including current and former players and coaches

How Much the Village Costs...

$3000 per year/Founders Rate

We are opening up a limited number of invitations into the Village at a Founders rate of $3000 per year. This will include all benefits and all Founders will receive this rate annually for life as long as they continue to be members in Village. After the Founders allotment is fulfilled membership will raise significantly.

$250 Per Month/ Founders Rate

We are also offering a Founders rate monthly payment option. This will include also include all benefits and all Founders will receive this rate monthly for life as long as they continue to be members in Village. If membership is cancelled member must be invited back and will be subject to new rate.

Daily Content to Your Inbox
Inside Information
  • Daily 3-2-1 Newsletter
  • Game Day Game Plan Email
  • Podcast, Videos and other content from Players and coaches

What Village members are saying...

Wildcat Village is a HUGE opportunity for fans that love the UofA men's basketball. It is a group that exists to have fun, do cool things and support the players. It truly is the inner circle. If you get invited, I would sign up today!

Paul Volpe (Wildcat Village Member)

Just when I think it can't get any better they go and do something like this. This has allowed a serious fan like me to take it to the next level. The ability to engage with Arizona basketball up close and personal is special! 1 out of 10 this group is a 10!

Anthony Schaefer (Wildcat Village Member)

Wildcat Village has brought me closer to the heart of Arizona Men's Basketball, creating a genuine sense of community and belonging even though I dont live in Tucson anymore. Wildcat Village isn't just a fan base; it's a family, welcoming anyone with open arms, no matter where they are.

Kristin Milo (Wildcat Village Member)

Your Team, Your Community

Be a part of a "team" within the Village (that includes your friends), led by Players or Coaches for unique insights and connections.

 Our Promise: If the day comes where you become of a fan of someone else (though why would you?), you're covered with a prorated refund for that year. Bummer is once you leave you can never get the founders price again.

Join Now and Make History: This is your chance to be a part of the inner circle of the UofA basketball universe, turning every game into a personal experience. Secure your Founding Member spot and let's make waves together.

Act Fast: This Founder's offer is capped and prioritizes early birds for premium events. After this launch, the wait until next season could see you paying double. Let's light this up, Wildcats!

 P.S.- Become a member today and be placed into a raffle for two seats at this year’s Final Four in Phoenix. Over $3,000 value.